Survival Kits and Disaster Supplies for Emergency Preparedness

50 Year Canned Water, 24 can case (6 case limit per order)
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50 Year Shelf Life Canned Water
canned water with 50 year shelf life
On Sale, ships immediately
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Emergency Food
Food rations that taste like cookies, individually wrapped portions,
the highest quality product on the market today.
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Emergency Water
Emergency Water in cans, pouches and tetra packs. Shelf life of 5 years and more.
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Home Survival Kits
family emergency kits, 72 hour rated with food, water, tools, sanitary items and more
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Car Survival Kits
be prepared when driving, traveling, vacationing, hiking or camping
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Office Survival Kits
72 hour kits for the work place
personal kits and group kits available
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School Survival Kits
Keep students and teachers safe during lockdown or other emergency situations.
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Boating and Marine Survival Supplies
Ensure safe boating by getting emergency kits with US Coast Guard approved food and water.
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Bulk Emergency Supplies
Get bulk supplies by ordering in full case quantities.
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Emergency Blanket - 250 pc bulk pack
only $0.79 each!
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Bucket Emergency Kits
Stackable in containers, these 72 hour kits are easy to store and ready to go when needed.
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Toilet Kits with supplies
Emergency kit, 72 hour rated, converts to toilet
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Only from SafeTkits™ comes the i-PacKit™ line of emergency kits you assemble yourself
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Canned Water
50 year shelf life emergency drinking water
order by case or pallets
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Survival Tools
Emergency Survival and Outdoor Camping Tools
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Canned Drinking Water and it's brand SafeTkits™ is the leading manufacturer for Emergency and Disaster Survival Kits in the USA. Our mission is to provide you with important supplies to protect you and those that depend on you at home, at the office, and on the road.
No one manufactures a survival kit variety like we do.

Emergencies happen, be prepared!™

72 Hour Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Kits

Buy factory direct and save on Survival Supplies to help you prepare.

Each Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Kit we assemble is designed with common sense in mind. We include survival food, emergency water, first aid kits, light source, shelter, survival tools, sanitary products and many more life saving items. SafeTkits™ Survival Kits do not include 'useless' filler items (such as plastic bags) just to make the item list sound impressive. We know that you can get plastic trash bags yourself.

Emergencies can happen at any time and place and they will not wait for you to be ready.
Our Emergency and Disaster Survival Kits are grab-n-go ready so you are prepared!

Even a simple power outage can leave you without light, heat or communication and the emergency supplies in our kits will come in handy.

Preparing for a disaster does not mean doing nothing, then picking up the phone and calling 911 to come assist you.
If the disaster is of a large scale it will most likely drain the immediate resources that are available to emergency responder services and you will have to be prepared to be on your own for a period of time.
SafeTkits™ Survival Kits are therefore designed to be 72 hour compliant per FEMA recommendations to provide essential emergency supplies including US Coast Guard approved food and water rations for that 3 day period.

Preparing for Disasters and Emergencies involves three basic steps:
Step 1 - Get a Survival Kit and Emergency Supplies
Prepare for emergencies by getting a Survival Kit filled with Essentials, along with Disaster Supplies from our great selection of Basics and Refill Survival Kits, Economy Survival Kits, Deluxe Survival Kits, DeluxeXL Survival Kits, Office and Work Place Survival Kits, Disaster Tool Kits, Emergency Food and Water, Canned Water, and Car Survival Kits.

Step 2 - Make an Emergency Preparedness Plan includes checklists with valuable information in every shipment of a 72 hour rated Survival Kit to help you prepare even further.

Step 3 - Be Informed
If you are unaware of danger you can not take precautions to be and stay safe. To help you stay informed, a large variety of SafeTkits Emergency Kits include emergency radios.

We offer easy shopping at factory direct discount pricing.
No need to create an account or searching for passwords!

Simply select the survival items you like, then pay with your Credit Card or a PayPal account and be a huge step closer to being prepared.

We currently ship to destinations within the lower 48 states of the US, Hawaii and Alaska.

Will Calls are available at our warehouse location in Whittier. Please order online for 'pickup' or call us to place your order and we will let you know when your emergency supplies are ready. Please no will calls without appointment. We are a warehouse-direct location that assembles orders when they are placed. We are not a retail store. Thank you.