Canned Emergency Water with 30 year long shelf life
Case of 6 cans

30 Year Long Shelf Life Canned Water - by case
30 Year Long Shelf Life Canned Water - by case
Item# 30-year-water

Safe Drinking Water with a long 30 year shelf life.
No need to filter or use chemicals to treat. It's ready to use.

6 cans per case of pure drinking water

Learn more about our 30 year long shelf life canned Drinking Water:

If you have been worried about storing essential and life saving amounts of water for emergency and disaster use, and you are tired of the frequent replacement of store bought water bottles every 6 to 12 months, then these cans of water are the solution for you.

At less than 10 cents per can per year based on a 30 years life this might be the best life-saving investment you ever made.

Holding 46 OZ (not only 24 oz!) per can and Made in the USA, this water is easy to store over a long time and safe to use.

  • long 30 years plus shelf life
  • packed in sturdy steel cans that resist crushing or damage
  • can opener included with every order
  • manufactured in the USA
  • 42 oz (1.24 liters) per can
  • packed 6 cans to a case
  • weight per case: 21 lbs
  • case dimensions: 12 x 8 x 7 inches

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