Emergency Preparedness Florida

Emergency Preparedness Florida
Florida, a state surrounded by oceans and lying directly in the path of Hurricanes. It's paradise with a twist.

Florida prepare!

Emergency Preparedness Info for Florida

Florida prepare - now is the time to get ready for disasters and emergencies.

All too often we go about our daily lives and while we know we need to be prepared for emergencies, our daily activities keep us too busy to do it. "I'll get to it this weekend, or maybe next month." or "I'll get it done before the next hurricane season" and similar plans are being made year after year after year ... and nothing ever gets done. Living along the shorelines of the US is reason enough to be prepared for several types of emergencies and disasters.

  • severe rain storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, often resulting in flooding
  • possibility of tsunamis caused by undersea earthquakes miles away
  • man-made and other natural disasters

  • Then suddenly the new hurricane season or other disaster is upon us and we are reminded that we are still not prepared.
    Sure, we got away with it last year and maybe the year before, but will our luck continue this year?

    Even the US government urges residents to be prepared and maintain a 72 hour (3-day) supply of survival food, emergency water and other necessary disaster preparedness items to remain self-sufficient during and after a major event.
    It has been shown in the past that those that have planned ahead will have a greater chance of surviving compared to those that just sit back and hope for the best.

    Since finding the right supplies to be prepared can be very time consuming and expensive or even near impossible on certain parts of the islands, we offer ready-made 72-hour emergency and survival kits along with other important disaster preparedness supplies at substantial savings.
    Compared to retail cost, our ready-made kits will save you up to 50%

    So don't delay any longer and get prepared now! It will only take you a few minutes to select the right survival kit, but you will be sleeping much better at night, knowing you are better prepared.

    No matter if you need a kit for home, office or travel, we have the right 72-hour emergency kit to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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