Survival Hatchet, Axe with Pry Bar Tip - SOLD OUT -

Survival Hatchet, Axe with Pry Bar - SOLD OUT
Survival Hatchet, Axe with Pry Bar - SOLD OUT
Item# AXE-1
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Survival Hatchet, Axe with Pry Bar - SOLD OUT

This hatchet is a must-have survival tool.

Dig through debris, break through walls and pry open doors!

Our Survival Hatchet was specifically designed to be rugged and tough to help you dig out when needed. Forged from solid steel, this hatchet - axe - pry bar combination tool is lightweight for ease of use, yet sturdy enough to finish the toughest jobs.
  • comfort rubber grip
  • hatchet shaped blade to chop through wood
  • pry-bar style tip with nail puller slot
  • built-in hammer
  • 12 inches long

  • This hatchet axe should be part of your emergency supplies and tool kit as well. The unique design combines the functions of an axe, nail puller, pry bar and hammer into one compact tool. This tool has been tested and found to be one of the most unique and versatile emergency tools available.

    break through walls
    break through doors
    pry open gates and doors
    break a window and remove the glass to create an escape path
    take down a broken tree limb
    or break up debris after wind storms
    The possibilities of use are endless.

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