5 gallon pail with tight seal lid

5 gallon pail with tight seal lid
5 gallon pail with tight seal lid
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This 5 gallon plastic pail (or bucket) comes with a tight sealing lid.

5 Gallon Plastic Pail with lid

If you need to safely store emergency supplies, we suggest you use our sturdy stackable 5 gallon pails.
Included with every 5 gallon pail is a tight sealing lid with rubber gasket and tear tab to ensure your supplies are secure.

Easy use:
  • made from FDA approved food grade safe materials
  • place emergency supplies in bucket
  • place lid on top of bucket
  • tap lid down with rubber mallet for tight seal
  • the tear tab design will also provide tamper evidence
  • to open the lid, simply pull off the tear tab along the bottom of the lid and remove the lid
  • even with the tear tab removed, the lid can be placed back onto the container (container might not be water tight though)

  • Advantages of storing supplies in sturdy pails:
    > supplies are protected from insects and rodents
    > supplies are protected from moisture (while tear tab seal is intact)
    > the pails are stackable which takes up less space
    > carry handle on each pail allows for easy transportation
    > after stored contents have been removed, the pails can be used for many other purposes such as:
    - move debris
    - carry water
    - use as trough for washing, rinsing, feeding animals
    - use as tool and supplies carrier
    - and much more

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