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About SafeTkits

Who is SafeTkits™ and what does JJWTech, Inc. have to do with it?

The SafeTkits™ trademark is owned by JJWTech, Inc. and was initially created in 2005 to become the brand under which all of our 72 hour rated Survival Kits were offered to the public. Over the years, SafeTkits™ has grown into a well recognized brand that offers a wide assortment of emergency kits, survival tools, and food and water supplies for comprehensive disaster preparedness.

The easily recognizable SafeTkits™ logo speaks for itself and has established itself as a leader when it comes to quality and product variety in this industry.

JJWTech, Inc. and SafeTkits™ operate their own warehouse and emergency kit assembly facility in Southern California to ensure product quality. We do not import ready-made kits from anywhere. We make them right here and your kit is made after you place your order with us.

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