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What is a bug out bag?

Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag

What comes in Bug Out Bags and Bug Out Kits?

The term Bug Out Bag has recently become more and more widespread when speaking of emergency and disaster preparedness.
Originally the Bug Out Bag or Bug Out Kit was assembled by hard core wilderness survivalists with outdoor supplies that would allow them to survive for 72 hours without any additional amenities.

Over time and especially in the last 2 years, the term Bug Out Bag has become popular and synonymous with 72 hour kits, evacuation kits, survival kits, earthquake kits, tornado and hurricane kits and many similar terms.

A Bug Out Kit or Bug Out Bag are usually packed in backpacks, duffel bags or sturdy carry cases and come with emergency food rations, emergency drinking water rations, emergency shelter such as survival blankets, tarps, tents and rain ponchos, survival tools such as waterproof matches, pocket knifes, sanitary supplies, tools to dig or move debris, communication equipment such as radios, sources for light such as flash lights, glow sticks and even gear for fishing or hunting.

We transferred the die-hard Bug Out Bags from exclusive outdoor survival use into survival kits for home, office and travel.

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