FOUR 6-packs of Blue Can 50 year shelf life emergency water (12 oz each can)

Four 6-packs - Canned Survival Water with 50 year shelf life - SOLD OUT
Four 6-packs - Canned Survival Water with 50 year shelf life - SOLD OUT
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Four 6-packs - Canned Survival Water with 50 year shelf life - SOLD OUT

LONGER LEADTIME - Expected to ship mid to end of July 2021

Due to nationwide supply shortage on 12 ounce cans, this product is currently backordered to the date shown above.

Important: To void confusion, you get FOUR blue cooler bags with 6 cans each,
that is 24 cans total!"

BlueCan Emergency Drinking Water with 50 year shelf life.
It's ready to use. Simply pop open the top and it is ready to drink or use for cooking.

FOUR times 6 cans of pure and safe drinking water

Four Bluecan 6-packs of canned water:

If you have been worried about storing essential and life saving amounts of water for emergency and disaster use, and you are tired of the frequent replacement of store bought water bottles every 6 to 12 months, then these cans of purified BlueCan water are the solution for you.

Holding 12 oz per can and Made in the USA, this water supply is easy to store over a very long time and safe to use.

  • great to keep in the car
  • great to keep with your survival kit
  • great to keep on the boat
  • great to keep in the RV or take on the ATV ride
  • great to store at work, school, home
  • makes a great gift too

  • long 50 year shelf life
  • packed in sturdy aluminum cans that resist rusting
  • packed without air or bacteria
  • packed in a handy 6-pack cooler bag (color of bag might vary from image shown)
  • manufactured in the USA
  • 12 oz per can
  • no can opener needed
  • storage range: 40 F to 145 F (do not freeze!)

  • Blue Can drinking water is made using multiple filtration systems including micro filtration and UV treatment to destroy bacteria. As a result, the water does not contain any live organisms that could cause spoiling over time. The filtration methods used allow for 50 years of shelf life storage and meets or exceeds the requirements for safe drinking water standards.

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