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Canned Water Warning

Canned Water Warning

Warning, get the right information first!
Please take a moment to read, this could save your life later.

How much water do you really need?

If it sounds too good to be true ....... you might be unprepared!

It has recently come to our attention that some questionable and self-appointed emergency preparedness experts claim on their websites that purchasing a six (6) case supply of 24 oz canned water (13.5 gallons total) would be sufficient for 3 months of drinking water for one person. They also claim that 24 cases (54 gallons total) would be enough for 1 full year!
In an attempt to lend credibility to this false information, they are citing and incorrectly applying unrelated recommendations made by the US Coast Guard to their statements.

Here is a summary of the false information provided and the misleading claims they make:
WRONG: a) 6 cases with 12 cans of 24 oz each is a sufficient drinking water supply for one person for 3 months.
WRONG: b) 24 cases with 12 cans of 24 oz each is a sufficient drinking water supply for one person for 12 months.
WRONG: c) US Coast Guard recommends 8 oz of drinking water per person per day.

It is correct, the US Coast Guard recommends a minimum of 8 oz of drinking water for seamen and people on sea faring vessels.

This is a recommendation based on minimum water requirements for a short period of time (usually until rescue arrives) and not for a long term period such as 3 months or longer!
Furthermore, this recommendation is for people that are seamen who are usually in rather healthy physical condition or passengers in life rafts (boarded after a disastrous event on board a vessel), waiting to be rescued without performing strenuous levels of activity.

In no way is this US Coast Guard recommendation meant for people that are engaged in average to heavy physical activity levels as would be the case during recovery and rebuilding efforts following a large scale disaster such as Earthquake, Hurricane or Tornado destruction, etc.

For comparison, 8 ounces of water is just slightly more or half of what is inside a standard soda can, which usually contains 12 or 16 ounces.
No person that is involved in regular daily activities can survive long term on such a small amount of drinking water!
In fact, drinking such low amounts of water for weeks or even months could result in severe dehydration and internal organ failure such as kidney shutdown etc.

We therefore ask everyone to please do the math yourself and do not take these misinterpreted statements for fact!

Most healthy adults, not considering medical conditions that might require larger amounts of water, need the equivalent of 3 standard sized glasses of water per day as a minimum amount of water to survive over longer periods of time!

So how much water per person should you really store for 3 months?
Leading Health Scientists and Medical Experts state that drinking water accounts for two thirds of our water intake requirement, while one third comes from moisture in foods. The same experts also recommend the 8 x 8 rule which is 8 ounces 8 times per day = 64 ounces per day. Two thirds of 64 ounces is 48 ounces, meaning those websites recommending 19 ounces per person per day are dangerously WRONG!

48 oz per day = 2 cans per day
2 cans per day = 60 cans per month
60 cans per month = 180 cans for 3 months
180 cans / 12 cans per case = 15 cases for a 3 month supply!

Summary: If canned water is your only source of drinking water then you need to store the equivalent of 15 cases of water for a 3 month supply, and not just 6 cases.

Please understand that this is a realistic assessment to ensure you have enough drinkable water available long term. This is not an attempt to make you purchase more water than you really need. In fact, you can never have enough clean drinking water on hand. People with certain health related issues might require even more drinking water.

To us here at JJWTech, Inc. Emergency Preparedness is not about making a quick sale but to ensure our customers are properly informed and truly prepared for a disaster. It is of no help to you if someone tells you that 6 cases will prepare you for 3 months when in reality you will endanger your life and the lives of those that depend on you with such low amounts of water while you actually need to have 2.5 times as much drinkable water to survive.

Do NOT fall for those false claims made by questionable 'emergency experts' and their websites in an attempt to mislead you into purchasing inadequate amounts of emergency supplies. They clearly do not have your interest in mind, but their own profits only!

If you have any questions about this, then please contact us.
We would love to hear from you.

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