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Save on your purchases with these SafetyKitStore Discount Coupons:

Discount Coupons

In 2020 the SafeTkits™ brand celebrates
its 15 year anniversary and to celebrate this milestone,
we are offering the following saving coupons in
addition to our great special savings pricing:

10saver discount coupon from Safetykitstore 20saver discount coupon from Safetykitstore

30saver discount coupon from Safetykitstore 40saver discount coupon from Safetykitstore

Only one coupon can be applied per order. Coupon can only be applied to website pricing as shown.

To apply a coupon when ordering online,
first enter all items into the shopping cart, then adjust the quantities for each item (if applicable)and click 'update'.

Then scroll to the bottom of the shopping cart page to the coupon section and enter the coupon promo code that matches with your total order value, then click 'apply'.

For example, if your total merchandise order value is $124.00 then apply coupon code 10saver
For example, if your total merchandise order value is $463.00 then apply coupon code 40saver

Check the yellow text box at the top of the shopping cart for confirmation that the coupon was applied.
Using the wrong coupon code (40saver on $200 order for example) will show you a 'coupon not applied' message.

To apply a coupon when ordering by phone,
simply mention the coupon code when ordering and our sales representative will apply the discount to your order.

Older and expired coupon codes:
coupon expired December 31, 2007

Please note:
Just because something is posted on the internet does not make it valid.

We have recently found some website that are posting coupon codes without our knowledge and permission.
These websites appear to be harvesting coupon code information from other and often outdated online sources and repost them without our knowledge, permission or ability to remove them from their website.

If you come across a coupon code for our brand/company that does not work in our shopping cart, then please compare it to the coupon codes posted above to verify it is a valid code. Regardless of what you find elsewhere on the internet, only discount coupon codes posted on this page are valid. Older and expired codes are listed for your info as well.

Coupon Scam Warning:
Several websites such as,, (update 2020; these three websites are now defunct) and many more are offering fake coupons from various websites (ours included) without our authorization. Some of those coupons offer 85% or even 95% off, which is complete nonsense. This is a new breed of scam sites that are trying to lure people into signing up for expensive subscriptions or purchase products in exchange for invalid and unauthorized, fake coupons.

Only the coupons shown on this page are valid to work in our checkout system. Anything else you find online might be invalid, outdated, or fraudulent and therefore can not be honored by us.

Thank you!