Leadtimes are longer due to an increase in demand.
Actual leadtimes can be longer than what shows on the product ordering pages.

For more information, click here to visit the Covid-19 Information page.

Covid-19 causes longer leadtimes and product shortages nationwide

Due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak the entire emergency preparedness industry is experiencing product shortages and longer leadtimes on many of the items that would usually be in stock.

These shortages especially affect long term storage food and water products where manufacturers can not keep up with the current demand.

While we always maintain well stocked inventory, at times like these the rush of orders can quickly cause items to sell out before we can get restocked by our suppliers.

We are working hard to get supplies to fill every order we receive, but at times we depend on manufacturers and main distributors to get our orders filled as well before we can ship to you.

When placing an order, please check the leadtimes posted on every item's ordering page, directly underneath the ordering button. Those leadtimes are best estimates and might still vary as inventory and supply situations change on a daily bases. We are trying to keep our website information as current as possible, but it might be possible that information changes before we can react and update the website. Thank you for understanding!

General Leadtimes:

Please check each individual product page for current leadtime information. However, while we try to keep our leadtime information as current and accurate as possible, they can change on short notice, depending on product availability from suppliers and distributors.

Other Announcements:

Our business remains open as an 'Essential Business" but our staff is working from home to comply with 'stay home' orders by government officials.
Our warehouse is staffed as needed to fill orders in a timely manner. Our warehouse operates under enhanced safety guidelines for product handling.

Will-call change of procedure;
For your safety and the safety will-call customers will receive their orders in the parking lot of our facility in Santa Fe Springs.
All will-calls are by appointment only and we will contact you after you place your order to set the appointment with us. Please note that will-call pickups are not always possible on the same day you place the order! Some orders need to be assembled and some items might have longer leadtimes than usual. Please check the leadtime information on every item page for details, or contact us to receive current information.
Will call customers are required to wear face masks during the will call. You are allowed to exit the vehicle while in the parking lot, but the warehouse and office lobby are closed to visitors at this time.

Thank you for understanding and once this crisis is over, please make sure that you keep up with the status of your emergency supplies and continue to get prepared. Rotate stock and replace expired products immediately to keep your supplies up to date.
It does not take much to get prepared BEFORE an emergency or crisis happens, but it takes A LOT to get prepared during a crisis!

Be Safe!