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Emergency Water Pouches - full pallet - 98 cases

Emergency Water Pouches - full pallet - 98 cases
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Emergency Water Pouches - full pallet - 98 cases

Full Pallet quantity!
- 98 cases
- 206 gallons
- 6272 pouches

Emergency water, ready to use

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DATREX drinking water is purified and packed in specially sealed non-transparent pouches to provide a true 5 year shelf life.
It is US Coast Guard Approved.

Emergency Drinking Water Data:
  • You get 98 cases with 64 water pouches each = 6272 sachets in total.
  • 5 year shelf life from date of manufacturing
  • purified drinking water for immediate use
  • refreshing taste
  • no Calories
  • no Chlorine
  • clear in Color
  • packaged in convenient sachet sizes
  • superior packaging material used for optimum sachet durability
  • Our convenient soft-pouch sachets are freeze-proof
  • 4.225 floz (125ml) per sachet
  • 2.11 gallons (8 liters) per case = 206.78 gallons (784 liters) per pallet
  • 2010 lbs (913 kg) per pallet
  • 40"x48"x55" pallet dimensions
  • It is our company policy to not sell any water pouches older than 4 months and most of our shipments fall within 1 to 2 months, but please contact us if you have questions regarding the current batch date.

    Emergency Water Certifications and Approvals:
  • approved by USCG - US Coast Guard
  • approved by TC-SOLAS - Transport Canada
  • approved by BV-SOLAS - Bureau Veritas France
  • approved by BV-MCA - Bureau Veritas Maritime Coastguard Agency Britain

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