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Low cost or Free local delivery in Southern California

Delivery Service

Delivery service is available in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties and all of California

This applies to customers in California only! Customers outside California can get convenient UPS shipping directly to your location."

When delivery through UPS or will call pickup at our warehouse location in Santa Fe Springs, CA are not convenient, we have the option to deliver your order to you throughout California via our own vehicle for a flat fee or even free, depending on your ordering amount.

Our California delivery service can save you money on shipping, especially when ordering heavy items such as emergency drinking water or food rations, or lightweight bulky items.

What does "to-your-location" California delivery include?

Our delivery service offers the following:
  • flat fee or free delivery service, depending on total ordering amount and distance to your location
  • evening, late evening or weekend deliveries available
  • indoor delivery service available (some restrictions might apply, discuss your needs with us)
  • delivery to locations other carriers will not or can not access
  • we cater to special requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Who should consider "to-your-location" California delivery service?

    Our standard shipping service is designed to cater to everyone, but there are some circumstances where delivery might be more convenient or economical for:
  • orders that contain a larger number of bulky or heavy items such as drinking water, or food bars (5 to 10 cases or more)
  • office buildings that require special indoor delivery services UPS can not provide
  • evening delivery for private residences when someone is home to receive shipments
  • weekend delivery for working households
  • elderly people that need assistance with moving multiple packages
  • locations that might have security problems and packages can not be left safely by UPS during daytime hours
  • busy people that don't have time to utilize our will-call system and prefer delivery instead

  • How does it work?

    Please call us to place your order for delivery with us.
    Orders for delivery can not be placed online.
    The custom delivery service is designed to cater to individual situations and we like to talk to you so we understand your requirements.
    Depending on the ordering amount and your location, we might charge a flat fee for delivery or your order might even get delivered for free.
    Each delivery situation is different, and depending on your order and location, shipping with small package carriers such as UPS might be more economical at times.
    But we will do our best to work with you to help save you money and make the process of ordering and receiving your emergency supplies as convenient as possible.

    Please contact us to discuss your needs and to see if delivery is more economical in your case.

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