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Be prepared for disasters.

Disaster Preparedness

Survival Kits for Disaster Preparedness

Make sure you have a 72 hour rated Emergency and Disaster Survival Kit: has created a wide variety of emergency kits for disaster preparedness to be used at home, in the office or in the car. Disasters can come in various shapes and depending on your location in the country. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wildfires, structural collapses, traffic accidents and other natural and man-made occurrences. Get your saving supplies kit for use during and after a disaster.

Disaster Kits
prepare for disasters with a disaster kit
Emergency Kits
Emergencies happen - be prepared!
Earthquake Kits
Have your emergency supplies ready once the earth stops shaking. You might need to find your way out or have to assist others. Find out what you need to be safe.
Hurricane Kits
Have important emergency and disaster supplies on hand, get a hurricane kit.
Tsunami Kits
Tsunamis are triggered by sudden movement of the ocean floor and can cause massive amounts of water to reach and flood shorelines.
Wild fire Kits
Be ready to go when wildfires force you to evacuate. Select a wild fire kit for home, car and office.