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Types of Disasters

Types of Disasters

A disaster is an event that usually happens unexpected and often puts the people involved or close by into unusual situations that requires a response that is different from their usual daily routine. Such events could be caused by nature such as earthquakes, flooding and wildfires, strong winds and hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis or be caused by humans such as traffic collisions, accidents at work or home, building fires and similar.

What are earthquakes, what do you need to know to be prepared?
What are wildfires and how to prepare for them.
Heat waves are more dangerous than most people realize. Besides dehydration, power outages can result in lack of cooling and air circulation.
flooding and flash floods are life threatening natural disasters for which it is important to prepare
Show storms can can bring down utility services and stop a city in its tracks. Retail stores might close or you can't get to them. It is important to have supplies on hand.
Tsunami Danger
Learn what Tsunamis are and what causes them.
Hurricane Information
get more information on what a Hurricane is and what devastating damage it can do