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Mobile Phone Apps for Emergency Information News Broadcasting

Mobile Phone Apps for Emergency Information News Broadcasting

Emergencies and Disasters can strike at any time and any place and you might not have direct access to a radio at the time you need information about a recent event.

However, you will most likely have access to a smart phone and over time, we will be listing information on mobile phone apps that allow you to receive emergency broadcasting news.

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network:

website link: USA Emergency Broadcasting Network
mobile app link: get it from google play
Cost: FREE

This FREE mobile app is a MUST HAVE for all Smartphone Owners!! The USAEBN Mobile app is a tool to be used during most emergencies (Natural, Man-Made or Personal). Not only will you have access to our 24 hour radio network, right from your phone, but USAEBN Emergency Operations Center will notify you directly of situations developing in your local area, via our mobile app notification system.

QR code for mobile app on google play.
Scan to access with your smart phone:
Mobile Phone App for Emergency Broadcasting Network News