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ESSENTIALS - 2 Person Disaster Kit - 72 hour
ESSENTIALS - 2 Person Disaster Kit - 72 hour
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ESSENTIALS - 2 Person Disaster Kit - 72 hour

This 2 Person ESSENTIALS Disaster Kit comes in a high quality bag and will sustain two persons for 3 days (72 hours) in the event of a disaster or emergency.

2 Person Essentials Emergency Kit


This 2 Person 72 Hour Survival Kit is the ideal kit to get you on your way to reach your disaster preparedness goals. At 15 inches, this high quality duffel bag is large enough to leave room in the exterior pockets for items you might want to add to this disaster kit.

1 - 15 inch bag
12 - drinking water pouches 4.227oz. (125ml) each
2 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar (divides into 3-day supply)
1 - 48-piece first-aid-kit in sturdy plastic case
2 - emergency blankets to stay warm
1 - tissue paper 10-pack
2 - emergency rain poncho
1 - pack with 8 disposable gloves
1 - emergency whistle with string, shrill sound
1 - flashlight, D-size with batteries
1 - leather palm work gloves
2 - 12 hour glow light stick
1 - 50ft nylon rope
1 - check list to help you prepare further

All food and water supplies are US Coast Guard approved to meet strict regulations and come with a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.
Notice on consumption:
The amount of water and/or food provided in this emergency kit is designed to provide a minimum amount to ensure survival over the time duration this kit is designed for. Beyond the emergency kit's designed duration, intake of food and/or water needs to be increased to commonly required long term sustainability needs.

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