Frequently Asked Questions

SafetyKitStore FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you ship international?
At this time we ship our products to destinations within the USA only.

Q: Will the drinking water freeze during the winter?
yes, all water will freeze when stored at below freezing temperatures. While our drinking water pouches have been designed to resist bursting we strongly recommend storing your kit at temperatures above freezing only. When the water pouches freeze please check the pouches carefully upon thawing for any leaks though. Discard any pouches that leak.

Q: Why don't you sell gas-masks?
A: We do not sell gas masks because we do not believe they are a product that is suitable for a 72-hour emergency disaster kit. One reason is that a gas mask can only protect you if you actually wear it the very moment a gas in released into the air you are breathing and then only if it is equipped with the right filter that was designed for that particular type of gas. This means that you will have to carry your mask with a wide selection of filters with you at all times or even wear it to be protected. This is not very practical, or is it?

Furthermore, a warning! 
The market is currently being flooded with cheap military surplus masks we need to warn you about! Most of those masks are outdated and come with filters that could be more dangerous than useful. Some of those masks -mostly imported from Russia- are 10 or even 20 years old and come with filters that are past their expiration date. They will not protect you from anything, but could be potentially harmful if not used properly.
Also, gas masks provide people with a false sense of security. Gas masks with filters clearly are not a breathing apparatus yet people feel they can enter smoke-filled buildings during a fire. Please remember, filters can only remove particles in the air, but they can not produce oxygen which is needed to breathe.

Q: Why don't you sell Universal type cell phone chargers?
A: Because the majority of them don't work. Most of the time they don't fit the phone you own and they can damage your phone's expensive battery before you even realize it. Most universal crank-type phone chargers come with an unregulated power supply while phone manufacturers insist on using a regulated manufacturer approved charger only. Cranking the charger at various speeds can produce power spikes that can damage your battery in seconds. Also, today's phones come in such a great variety that no universal type charger has adapter lugs for all of them.  A universal type charger you would have bought a year ago would not fit today's most popular and commonly found phones!  And if you replace your phone a year from now, today's charger plugs might no longer fit either.  Will you remember to update or replace the universal charger in your emergency kit every time you get a new phone?  We believe in offering you products that make sense and we will not sell you a product of which we know can cause damage to other items you have to depend on in an emergency. And we will not sell you an item that might be outdated and therefore useless several months from now.

Q: I have an old portable TV's that runs on batteries, will it still work?
If it is an older style analog TV then the answer is no, it will no longer work after the switch to digital broadcasting in June of 2009 unless you can connect it to a digital converter box and an external antenna. Check your TV carefully to ensure it has the proper signal input connectors so you can connect it to a digital converter. But keep in mind that most digital converter boxes do not run on batteries and need 110Volts to operate. Remember, if you do not have 110Volt power for the digital converter box then your battery powered analog TV is useless.

It is our mission and goal to get you prepared with products that make sense and that work, not leave you with a false sense of security by selling you something we know might not work when you depend on it and need it the most.