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Why we include flashlight(s) with batteries (D size):

Flashlight D-size
Many people consider battery operated flashlights outdated technology,given that there are now crank lights and shake lights available. We feel that crank lights and shake lights endanger your life and should never be the primary light source in any survival kit!
Imagine an earthquake, hurricane, or any other disaster happening in the middle of the night! The electric power is out and you and your family needs to get out safely. You need light, and you need light NOW!
You can not put an earthquake or hurricane 'on hold' for 60 seconds to charge up a shake light or crank light! Only battery powered lights will give you light instantly! Those 60 seconds could safe your life! Never buy a gadget just because it's the new in-thing to have. Think about safety and buy survival supplies that work when you need them to work.