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Emergency Food and Water Bucket
Emergency Food and Water Bucket
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Emergency Food and Water Bucket

This food and water survival kit is ideal for families that want to store extra food in a small and compact space. It is also great for offices, warehouses, classrooms or outdoor enthusiasts by taking up a minimal amount of space. Yet it is highly portable and stackable at only 24 lbs.

Each Emergency Food and Water Bucket contains emergency food and water rations to sustain;
1 person for 24 days or
2 people for 12 days or
3 people for 8 days or
4 people for 6 days or
5 people for 4.5 days or
6 people for 4 days or
7 people for 3.5 days or
8 people for 3 days, etc.
or up to
24 people for 1 day

This kit contains:
  • 8 food bars with 2400 calories each
  • 48 purified drinking water pouches, 4.225 fl oz each
  • 1 (one) square pail, red, 4 gallon capacity with easy-off lid and metal carry handle

  • The Datrex food bars are 2400 calorie bars, each of which divides into 12 separately packed rations with 200 calories each, for a total of 96 separate rations. The separate packing not only keeps the food portions clean, it also makes it easy to ration and share one food bar among several people.

    The 4.225 oz purified Drinking water pouches are designed to be freeze proof.
    Having 48 separate water pouches makes it easy to ration and distribute among several people.

    All food and water comes with a 5 year shelf life from date of manufacturing and is US Coast Guard approved.

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