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Grab n Go

Grab n Go

Grab N Go Kits are great for home, office and car

Grab n Go (also grab-n-go or grabngo) stands for grab and go which sums up what your emergency kit should be designed for.
When a disaster strikes that requires you to evacuate, your 72 hour disaster kit should be stored readily available in a convenient location so you can grab it and go. Many types of emergencies and disaters will not give you a lot of time to gather supplies and you might be forced to evacuate within minutes.

If you do not have an emergency kit that is ready to go and contains all of your important survival supplies, you might become a victim of the disaster for a second time.

Disasters that could force you to evacuate at a moment's notice are:
  • house fire
  • wild fire
  • flash flooding
  • tsunami in coastal areas
  • hurricane, tornado or extremely strong winds
  • other natural and man-made disasters

  • A properly designed Grab-n-Go Bag should therefore include essential survival items such as Emergency Food Rations, Emergency Drinking Water, First Aid Kits, Shelter, and Safety and Survival Tools. has made it easy for you by assembling ready-made grab n go kits that come in back packs, duffel bags or sturdy plastic containers and contain all of the important supplies you need to be prepared during and after a disaster.

    While it is important to have a Grab N Go kit at home, you should also consider keeping a second emergency grab-n-go kit in the car and possibly even one at your work place. In doing so, you will ensure having important supplies on hand regardless of where you are at the moment a disaster strikes.

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