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HandyPitcher, turn any bottle into a pitcher (2 pack)

Handy Pitcher - bottle pitcher - 2-pack
Handy Pitcher - bottle pitcher - 2-pack
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Handy Pitcher 2 - pack, you get 2 Handy Pitcher units with this deal.

color options are red and yellow strap

HandyPitcher™ is a handle that attaches to soda or glass bottles and milk cartons or similar containers by
wrapping the two hook and loop straps around it and simply pressing them in place.
You can add a handle to many different size containers in seconds. Use over and over again, on bottle after bottle.

Product Description:
HandyPitcher™ was designed to solve a common problem we all have:
Being unable to safely hold large plastic soda bottles or slippery wine bottles when pouring.

Most 2, 2.5 and 3 liter bottles and square milk cartons are too large and too heavy to securely fit in one hand, forcing us to use both hands to hold the bottle while pouring.
This leaves us with no hand available to hold the glass or cup in place which can tip over the moment the liquid hits the inside wall of the glass or cup.

HandyPitcher™ solves this problem by creating a sturdy handle on your bottle for a secure grip.

HandyPitcher™ advantages:
Children can safely pour their own drink.
The elderly or people with arthritis can hold, carry and pour bottles and square milk cartons again.
The handle allows anyone to easily carry more than one bottle.
Eliminate costly and messy spills by holding the bottle safely.
HandyPitcher™ is designed to work on bottles and cartons that need to fit into the refrigerator door.
Fits 2, 2.5 and even some 3 liter plastic and glass bottles too.
Also fits milk cartons and many other containers that come without handles.
Great to use indoors or outdoors, at parties, in the park, or while tailgating.
Straps do not slip and stay securely in place!

HandyPitcher Bottle Handle

HandyPitcher Bottle Handle

HandyPitcher Bottle Handle

HandyPitcher Bottle Handle

HandyPitcher carry Bottles with Handle

HandyPitcher Bottle Handle