2 Person Camo Survival Kit - 72 hour

2 Person Camo Survival Kit - 72 hour
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Outdoor CAMO 72 hour Survival Kit for 2 People

Info on our 2 Person CAMO kit:

Listening to our customers, were have added this compact size CAMO kit to our product line. Packed in a rugged camouflage style duffel bag or other bags of your choice, this kit is designed to you safe and provide you with emergency supplies for two people and additional survival tools to overcome emergency situations.

What comes inside our 2 Person Hikers' CAMO Survival Kit?
The kit has been assembled with outdoor, hiking and travel survival in mind and contains emergency food and water, disaster tools, safety items for personal protection, lighting and first aid products along with means to boil water or heat up food.
Of course this kit can also be used at home, the office, the car or anywhere you prefer.

KIT CONTENTS (updated July 08, 2020):
1 - carry bag (backpack or duffle bag, see ordering options)

Emergency Food and Water:
2 - 2400 calorie food bars, each divides into 12 rations (5 year shelf life)
12 - drinking water pouches, 4.225 oz each (5 year shelf life)

Drinking Water Safety:
1 - 50-pack water purification tablets, treats up to 25 quarts (or 25 liters) of water

Emergency Tools:
1 -flash light, D-size
1 - set of batteries for flash lights
1 - 12 hour emergency glow stick, green light
1 - survival whistle with compass, lanyard, watertight compartment, signal mirror and flint
1 - emergency knife, box cutter style

First Aid and Personal Care:
1 - 50-piece first aid kit in hard shell carry case

Shelter and Comfort Supplies:
2 - emergency rain ponchos, unisize
2 - emergency blankets, compact folding to retain body heat
1 - tube tent for shelter

Other supplies:
1 - compact folding pocket stove with fuel tablets
1 - box of 50 waterproof matches

Also included:
1 - check list to help you prepare further
1 - instructions on food and water consumption

Notice on food and water consumption:
The amount of water and/or food provided in this emergency kit is designed to provide a minimum amount to ensure survival over the time duration this kit is designed for. Beyond the emergency kit's designed duration, intake of food and/or water needs to be increased to commonly required long term sustainability needs.

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