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Hurricanes and Typhoons, also called Tornadoes and Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Kits

Survival Kits for Hurricane Preparedness

Be prepared with a 72 hour Hurricane Survival Kit:

When Hurricane Season is upon us one never knows when Disaster might strike. We have developed a wide range of Hurricane Preparedness Kits for home, office and car use. Our hurricane season kits come with important supplies for use during and after a disaster.

Get a Hurricane Kit for the Home
The 72 hour Home Hurricane Survival Kits we manufacture are designed to support one (1) person to five (5) people for 3 days. Our Hurricane Season Kits come with 5 year shelf life emergency food and purified drinking water that not only tastes great, but is also US Coast Guard approved to meet strict US government manufacturing guidelines. Our Hurricane Kits also include first aid supplies, sanitation, lighting and additional safety and convenience supplies. Be prepared for Hurricane Season by getting your Hurricane Preparedness Kit or Kits from our great selection.

tsunami survival kit for home

Get a Hurricane Kit for the Car
Ready to evacuate, small and compact to fit in the trunk of a vehicle, our Car and Travel Hurricane Survival Kits will ensure you are prepared while being on the road. During Hurricane Season it is important to have emergency food and water, first aid supplies, lighting, shelter and additional sanitation and safety supplies on hand at all times. Our Hurricane Kits come in durable back packs and duffel bags or sturdy plastic pails with tight closing lid to safely store the disaster supplies you depend on.

tsunami survival kit for car

Get a Hurricane Kit for the Office
When a Hurricane approaches, there is no time to gather supplies and having a ready-made Office Hurricane Survival Kit on hand can save your life and the lives of co-workers. Available as single person survival kits to large office and factory preparedness kits, we offer the largest variety of 72 hour rated hurricane kits and supplies. Our hurricane preparedness kits come with food and water, shelter, communication and lighting, first aid supplies and disaster tools so you can shelter in place or evacuate unsafe buildings. Disaster Planning and Hurricane Preparedness is a requirement for employers in many US States.

tsunami survival kit for office

Get a Hurricane Kit for the School
We offer professionally made School and Classroom Hurricane Survival Kits to provide important survival supplies to students and teachers during and after a disaster. From basic survival kits to comprehensive 72 hour rated hurricane kits, we have disaster supplies and emergency kits that ensure uniformity throughout your School's Emergency Preparedness Program. By working with us, School administrators can ensure that all students receive quality emergency supplies should the need arise. US Coast Guard approved Datrex Emergency Food that tastes like cookies and emergency drinking water with 5 year shelf life eliminate the need of annual supplies replacement as it is the case with most emergency kits the students bring from home. The uniform Hurricane Survival Kit contents also allow use for educational purposes by teaching the class during hurricane preparedness drills.

tsunami survival kit for schools and students

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