Survival mini Tool Box

Get Out Now Box - with tools
Get Out Now Box - with tools
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This Tool Kit contains safety tools that you might need in an Emergency and Disaster Survival Situation to get out of the house or to reach your other supplies.

Emergency Tool Box

What comes included in our GET OUT NOW BOX WITH EMERGENCY TOOLS:

OK, so we thought it would be a great idea to have a box with emergency tools and supplies. This tool box fits in drawers, on the shelf, in a cabinet, the trunk of your car or virtually anywhere, even under the bed to help you get out at night. What makes our Survival mini Tool Box different from other kits are the contents. This kit contains tools that will allow you to assist you in getting out of dangerous locations. The flashlight with batteries will provide you with light at night. The pry bar will allow you to break windows, pry open doors, even punch holes into walls. Also included are First Aid Supplies, heavy duty gloves to protect your hands, terry cloth to wipe and hand sanitizer just to name a few items. (see content listing below for more) The entire kit comes in a sturdy plastic box with lid to keep everything in place and available when needed.
Whether you need to restock or update your existing 72 hour survival kit or just want the basic emergency supplies, this is the right kit for you.

  • heavy duty pry-bar tool
  • 42-piece first aid kit
  • flashlight D-size
  • batteries for flashlight
  • 1 pair heavy duty work gloves
  • 2 emergency blankets to retain body heat
  • 1 emergency whistle with wrist band
  • 2 rain ponchos
  • 1 packet of paper tissue (10 pcs)
  • 1 note pad with pencil and pencil sharpener
  • 1 clear plastic box with lid for safe storage

  • This handy kit comes in a clear box with easily removable lid. It was designed to be kept within reach and fits under the bed, in a drawer or cabinet.
    The pry-bar is designed to pry open doors or windows, break glass or even work your way through a wall if necessary.

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