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Changes in small electronics and handheld radio industry;

Over the years, more and more customers and consumers have made the switch to online streaming radio programming through the use of their mobile computing platforms such as tablets and smart phones, which has caused the manufacturing industry for small handheld radios to see a rapid decline in business.
As a result of this decline, many radio manufacturers and distributors have discontinued making small radios or had to substantially increase their prices, while trying to lower their manufacturing costs through relocating production to countries with cheap operating costs.
Unfortunately, this development has resulted in a reduced variety of products, being offered at higher prices yet of lower quality.

While strive to provide high quality products to our customers, we had to make a decision due to the fact that we believe that many of the small handheld radios that are currently on the market at affordable prices, no longer meet our quality standards to be bundled into our emergency kits such as the Deluxe and DeluxeXL lines.
Therefore, once our current inventory of AM/FM handheld radios runs out, we will be replacing these items with more useful products such as emergency tools in our kits.
We believe that emergency tools such as shovels, emergency knifes, pliers, etc. will serve our customers much better during an emergency, especially when most people already have ready access to radios at their homes, cars or through mobile applications.

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