Pry Bar with Gas Shut Off - 2-pack

Pry Bar with Gas Shut Off - 2-pack
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this is a 2-pack, you get 2 Pry Bars per order.

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A heavy duty pry bar is a must have in every 72 hour disaster survival kit. Our pry bar comes in bright safety orange and is made from very heavy gauge metal.

orange Emergency Pry Bar


POGO stands for Pry Off Gas Off and this pry-bar can be used to pry, hammer, shut off gas, break glass, walls and more.
It comes in a bright orange safety color.

When you are inside a building and need to find a way out, this tool can be a life saver. Doors can shift and jam, many highrise buildings have windows that do not open, furniture and debris can block your access. Elevator doors might not open, leaving people trapped inside. Use this Emergency and Safety Pry Bar to pry open doors and dig through debris. Use it as a hammer to break through walls or windows. The two ends are sharp allowing you to split through drywall or wood, even through thin metal. Our Safety Pry Bar Tool also comes with two built-in slots to turn off your gas supply valve when needed.

  • Shut of Gas
  • Pry through walls
  • Pry open Doors
  • Dig through Debris
  • heavy duty
  • made in U.S.A.
  • 15 inches long

  • Safety NOTICE!
    Unlike many false reports, some of which were even spread in the public news media and in ill-advised safety blogs, do NOT shut off your gas supply during just any type of disaster!

    ONLY turn off the gas if you smell gas, have a fire or have imminent danger of a fire. Once the gas has been turned off ONLY certified contractors or the Gas Company are authorized to turn the gas supply back on. DO NOT TURN THE GAS BACK ON YOURSELF SINCE PILOT LIGHTS IN WATER HEATERS, HEATING FURNACES ETC. MUST ALSO BE LIT TO PREVENT GAS FROM LEAKING INTO YOUR HOUSE!

    pry bar with gas shut off

    emergency pry bar

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