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Are water purification tablets little miracle pills?

Water Purification Tablets
To some degree they are, but it is important to read the labels and information that comes with any water purification product to ensure safe use.

SafeTkits™ includes water purification tablets in a lot of our 72 hour rated survival kits to ensure you have the ability to treat water of questionable origin before drinking it.

However, the use of water purification tablets does require some advanced planning and you will need containers to catch water first and additional clean food grade containers to store the water once it has been treated.

Drinking water bottles and food containers are great options to catch water and store it for use later.

However, treating water with water purification tablets is a process that takes time and we therefore also offer safe drinking water in containers that is ready-to-go and can be stored for 30 or more years. Below is a selection for you to choose from. These water products are a great option in addition to the 5 year shelf life Datrex water pouches and the water purification tablets we include in our emergency kits.

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Datrex Water Pouches

50 year canned drinking water