Shipping Charges

We charge actual shipping costs only!

Please read how we are fair to all customers

With the exception of a few package deals where the cost of shipping is included, we charge actual shipping charges for every order.

We do not make profit on shipping charges! In fact on many orders we lose money on the cost of shipping because you get charged slightly less than what we have to pay UPS to deliver your order.

Why we do not offer "free shipping"?

Because we want to be fair to all of our customers and here is why:
Reality is that there is no such thing as free shipping, because no shipping company works for free. Therefore let's forget about free shipping, it does not exist. It is a way for companies to pretend customers are getting a good deal. But someone still has to pay for the cost of shipping and that is still the customer.

The question now is; how does the customer pay for the cost of shipping?

a) you can pay a higher product price and a portion of it is used to cover the cost of shipping ... or
b) you pay the lowest possible price for the product and shipping cost is added separately

Either way, the money to pay for shipping cost has to come from the customer, otherwise the supplier would be out of business soon.

Why do we use option b) and charge for shipping?

Because we feel that every customer should get the best possible deal and lowest price on the product without artificially inflating product prices to help pay for the cost of shipping.

Let us explain further:

Shipping charges are calculated based on weight and distance of shipping.
For example; Shipping a 25 pound box with a $30 emergency kit inside over a short distance can cost as little as $15 but across the country it will cost $35.

To cover the cost of shipping with 'free shipping' we would have to charge $65 to every customer to cover the cost for the longest distance shipping ($30 for the kit and $35 for shipping) or we would lose money in the long run.
But this means that all customers living closer to us would be overcharged for the shipping portion and that is unfair in our opinion.

In addition, a customer who might have to pay for sales tax on their order would be charged sales tax for the full $65.00 instead of sales tax on the $30 for the product only. The customer is overcharged on the sales tax which is unnecessary because shipping charges are not taxable in most states!

Check it for yourself:

To see the actual cost of shipping, please feel free to check for yourself.
This example is for 1 case of Canned Emergency Water:

> go to
> select 'calculate shipping cost'
> enter our "ship from" zip code 90670
> enter your own "ship to" zip code, select residential or commercial
> enter package weight 25 lbs
> click 'calculate'

You will then see the actual cost of shipping (find cost for UPS Ground) and you can compare that cost directly to what our shopping cart is calculating for you.

You will see that the actual UPS charges are higher than what we charge in our checkout process.

In order to stay in business, we (and all businesses that ship products) have to collect money for the cost of shipping and we want to be fair to all customers and only charge what we need to cover our costs.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you