27 inch Emergency Shovel with handle

Emergency Shovel 27 inches - black
Emergency Shovel 27 inches - black
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Sturdy and compact Emergency Digging Shovel

This 27 inch long shovel is compact to fit on the shelf or even in your car along with your emergency supplies. But it is also strong with a steel blade, wooden shaft and molded comfort grip handle.

Nearly every type of natural or man-made disaster creates debris that needs to be removed. Whether you just went through an earthquake, hurricane or tornado, face flooding or damages to a structure or building, having a compact shovel on hand is substantially better and faster than digging by hand.

Our shovel is compact and lightweight, yet sturdy to assist you with your digging and excavating tasks.
Its small size allows to use in narrow space, yet its 8 x 6 inch blade moves dirt and debris quickly.


> 27 inches long
> black metal blade
> strong wood shaft
> molded plastic grip handle
> lightweight to fit with your emergency supplies

Ordering Options:
Order one single shovel or save by ordering our 4-pack.
You get either one shovel or four. The 4-pack allows you to save and keep one at home, on the car or RV, at work or share with family members living at different locations.

These shovels are also great for smaller gardening projects and once you have started using them, you will never want to be without one.

27 inch emergency shovel

emergency mini compact shovel for debris removal

current shovels have black colored blade and handle