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Survival Kits Factory

SafetyKitStore Emergency Kits Assembly

When you place your order for Emergency and Disaster Survival Kits and Supplies, it is entered into our order fulfillment system and a packing order is generated for the warehouse. At that point all items on your order are pulled from their shelf locations and placed in your order bin.

It does not matter if an order is for one 72 hour kit or for fifty, the same care is given to each order and each item that goes into an order.

Making your Survival Kit

Step 1)
The kit contents are pre-sorted into
plastic containers. All items are
inspected before they go in the kit.

Survival Kits packing


Step 2)
The containers transfer to our packing
table where backpacks, duffel bags
and other materials are waiting already.

Survival Kits transfer station


Step 3)
During the packing process each item
is once again looked at and inspected
to insure the highest possible quality.

Survival Kits being packed


Step 4)
Our kits are packed uniformly to ensure
safe arrival at your home or office.

Survival Kits ready packed


Step 5)
The kits are ready to be wrapped in
poly-bags for additional protection.
They will then be placed in sturdy
cardboard boxes.

Survival Kits ready made


Step 6)
Many of our kits for office and
fundraisers come in white stackable
boxes. They receive special
identification stickers prior to shipping.

Survival Kits in boxes for fund raisers


Step 7)
Once the kits are packed, identification
labels are applied to the outside and
these kits are ready to be shipped.

Survival Kits boxed for shipping