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Emergency Food and Emergency Water

Food and Water Combo Packs

Emergency Food Combo Packs

Food and Water Supplies to be prepared

Food and Water is a necessity to all of us during and after a disaster and you should always have plenty of food and water reserves on hand.

While storing canned food and bottled water is highly recommended, they come with a limited shelf life and need to be rotated (which means use and replace) quite frequently.

For long term storage and when mobility is required during evacuations for example, Food Bars and Purified Drinking Water Containers are ready to use and come in small compact size packages. They are also ideal at times when food preparation such as cooking or baking is not possible due to loss of utilities or when being in an outdoor environment, on travel, in an office building or similar.

We here at the SafetyKitStore have chosen high quality food and water products and offer them to you in individual units or larger bundled quantities to help you prepare for short or long term. The food and water products we offer are from US based manufacturers.

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Emergency Food and Water / add-on pack
2 person 72 hour (3 day) supply
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Emergency Food and Water Bucket
Food and Water 24 day supply bucket
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Regular Price: $79.00
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