1 Person 72 hour Evacuation Kit - Essential

1 Person 72 hour Evacuation Kit - Essential
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Quick Evacuation Kit Essential

1 Person Quick Evacuation Kit Essential

How to use our 72 hour rated Essential Quick Evacuation Kit for 1 Person:

Complete with an up to 3 days (72 hours) supply of Survival Food and Emergency Water, this kit is 72 hour rated.
Packed in sturdy and stackable boxes, our Essential Quick Evacuation Kit is designed to be stored in a desk drawer or on a shelf shelf at each individual work place or alternatively in a central location to be handed out quickly in the event of an emergency.
Still lightweight to carry, this emergency kit features a box with an easy to open lid, making it ideal for use in small and large office buildings or warehouses, fleet vehicles, factories, schools or for help organizations.

KIT CONTENTS (updated July 08, 2020):
1 - sturdy white cardboard box (10x4x4inches)
6 - drinking water pouches (4.227 oz each)
1 - 2400 calorie food bar, divides into 12 individually wrapped portions
1 - 10-pack dust mask, surgical style, flat with earloops
1 - emergency blanket to stay warm
1 - glow-stick, non toxic and safe to use (12 hours)

The food and water supplies in this kit are US Coast Guard approved to meet strict regulations and come with a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.
Notice on food and water consumption:
The amount of water and/or food provided in this emergency kit is designed to provide a minimum amount to ensure survival over the time duration this kit is designed for. Beyond the emergency kit's designed duration, intake of food and/or water needs to be increased to commonly required long term sustainability needs.

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