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Emergency and Survival Knives

Survival Knives

Emergency Knifes for any Situation

Why is it important to have a Survival Knife?

Immediately after an emergency situation or a disaster, there is a need to attend to people. These people might be trapped and in need of medical attention. There is a very high probability that something will need to be cut and having a knife in your emergency supply kit is therefore extremely important.

  • cut through fabrics to render first aid
  • cut through debris to help trapped people
  • cut tape or rope during safety and rescue operations
  • cut plastic tarps and other materials when building or repairing shelter locations
  • use knife to prepare meals and open packages
  • use outdoors to cut wood, build shelter or defend yourself against wildlife
  • use outdoors for hunting and to build hunting tools
  • and much more

  • No matter if you are at home, the office, or venturing outdoors, a reliable survival knife should always be part of your Emergency Kit.

    Survival Knife - Yellow Safety Handle and Saw
    Survival Knife with yellow safety grip and saw
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    Emergency Knife, heavy duty blade - SOLD OUT
    Outdoor Knife with strong 440 steel blade