Blue Can 50 year Shelf Life Canned Water - 1 year supply - FREE SHIPPING

50 year Shelf Life Canned Water - full pallet - 1 year supply<br>commercial truck freight curbside delivery
50 year Shelf Life Canned Water - full pallet - 1 year supply
commercial truck freight curbside delivery
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Shipping Information

This item will ship with Commercial Truck freight and not with UPS delivery.
Due to weight and size, this item will ship on a pallet by truck freight delivery.
If your live in a residence, then the truck will come with a lift-gate to unload the pallet from the truck and place it on the ground.
The delivery service is "curbside delivery", which means the pallet will be placed by the curb of your residential street. Inside delivery, driveway delivery, garage delivery, etc. IS NOT included in commercial truck freight delivery. If you can not receive shipments at the curb or if your location prevents delivery via commercial trucks, then please contact us prior to ordering to consult with us about your special delivery requirements.

If you are concerned with water safety and water storage for emergencies, here is your answer.

BlueCan Canned water with 50 years shelf life! 100 cases

Annual Supply for 1 Person
This supply consists of 100 cases with 24 cans each for a total of 2400 cans.
Each can holds 12 oz of safe drinking water.

With this 1 person supply you have 80 oz of safe drinking water available per day.
This item comes with FREE SHIPPING by truck freight! See additional details further below.

Canned in easy to use soda style aluminum cans, Blue Can 50 year shelf life canned drinking water is easy to dispense, carry and use during and after an emergency.

No can openers needed, just open the pull tab and drink to hydrate your body with life saving clean purified water.

  • 12 oz of water per can
  • 24 cans per case
  • 2.25 gallons of water per case
  • purified through micro filtration, reverse osmosis, UV light treatment to eliminate bacteria
  • all materials used for packing can be recycled
  • easy to store anywhere at home, fits under the bed too
  • made in USA
  • canned in Southern California under strict regulations and permits

BlueCan canned drinking water has a 50 year shelf life guarantee and will save your life during and after an emergency, especially when clean and safe drinking water will be hard to come by.

Store enough water for at least 10 to 30 days so that you can be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Safety experts and the Federal Government with Homeland Security and the US Coastguard recommend to store 1 gallon of water per person per day. 1/2 gallon should be of potable safe drinking water and 1/2 gallon for sanitary purposes. This water supply will provide you with the safe and potable water you need for drinking and cooking.

Each case of Blue Can drinking water contains 2.25 gallons of safe water for drinking and cooking.

Shipping offer is valid for lower 48 states only.
Shipping to AK and HI is available at ADJUSTED transportation cost. AK and HI customers please contact us to receive a price quote first.

Sample picture below shows 30 cases on a small pallet,
you will receive 100 cases on a standard sized pallet
pallet dimensions: 48 x 40 x 72 inches

BlueCan canned drinking water

Compare apples to apples, here are the gallons per pallet from major brands:

per pallet  
per pallet  

BlueCan100225Available from us
Alka Power112220.5Available from us
WorldGrocer128132Not available from us, for comparison purposes only.
 *Information accurate as of August 01, 2015. Manufacturers might change specifications without notice.