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Emergency Toilet Seat for 5 gallon size buckets

Toilet Seat for 5 gallon pail
Toilet Seat for 5 gallon pail
Item# TS-BLK-1
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Snap on Toilet seat for 5 and 7 gallon buckets

This toilet seat is designed to snap on 5 or 7 gallon toilet buckets with standard size top diameter and rim.
Easily convert a standard 5 gallon size bucket into a portable toilet for outdoor or emergency use.
When utilities are out of service, this toilet seat will be as useful as anything you ever owned.

And here is a hint on how to use it:
1) snap toilet seat on rim of bucket
2) place bag through opening of toilet seat into bucket, and drape rim of bag over the toilet seat.
Placing the bag over the seat will keep the seat clean and ready for use by the next person once the bag has been removed without the need to use (waste) water or cleaners to wipe down the toilet seat after every use, because the person sits on the bag, and never directly touches the toilet seat itself.

Keep a bag of kitty litter handy to scoop into the bucket after use to bind liquids and deodorize solids.

sample image, bucket not included