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Survival Tool Kits

Survival Tool Kits

Survival and Emergency Tool Kits for Disaster Preparedness

Grab N Go with your Survival Tool Kit when disaster strikes.

Do you have the tools you need once disaster strikes -
> ready to go?
> in one place?
> at the location you would expect them to be?
> easy to carry?
> in good working condition?

We hear this all the time "I have most of these items" - but when asked where they are, the answer usually is "I have them all over the place"

Leading emergency experts including us can not repeat often enough that your emergency supplies and survival tools should not be those you use on a daily basis!
The reason for that is that those supplies 'wander' all over the house, they are often times not where you would expect them to be or they might be damaged, broken, incomplete or otherwise non working when you need them the most. Furthermore, think about how long it would take you to gather all of those supplies in an emergency and would you have the time to do that, let alone the presence of mind to remember all of them and where you or whoever used them last, left them?
The answer is no. You do not have the time to gather everything and that is why you should always have a designated emergency tool kit available. This is a kit that you will maintain by reviewing the contents roughly every 6 months, replace what needs to be refreshed but never borrow against. Keep this kit complete for that emergency situation and then immediately afterward replace the items that were used.

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Survival Tool Kit  - large

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Survival Tool Kit - basic - SOLD OUT

Get Out Now Box - with tools

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