64 - Pack Purified Drinking Water supply - SOLD OUT

Emergency Water Pouches - 10 person supply - CASE - SOLD OUT
Emergency Water Pouches - 10 person supply - CASE - SOLD OUT
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Our Emergency Survival Drinking Water is purified and comes with a 5 year shelf life. No need to filter or use chemicals to treat. It's ready to use.

Drinking Water Supply for up to 10 people.


At the recommended minimum water consumption of 2 pouches per day, this carton provides 30 daily rations which is equal to a 3-day supply for 10 people plus an extra 4 pouches.

The DATREX drinking water we offer has been purified and is packed in specially sealed non-transparent pouches to provide a true 5 year shelf life. It is US Coast Guard Approved.

Emergency Drinking Water Data:
  • 5 year shelf life from date of manufacturing
  • purified drinking water for immediate use
  • refreshing taste
  • no Calories
  • no Chlorine
  • clear in Color
  • packaged in convenient sachet sizes
  • superior packaging material used for optimum sachet durability
  • Our convenient soft-pouch sachets are freeze-proof
  • 4.225 floz (125ml) per sachet
  • You get 64 water pouches in total.

  • Emergency Water Certifications and Approvals:
  • approved by USCG - US Coast Guard
  • approved by TC-SOLAS - Transport Canada
  • approved by BV-SOLAS - Bureau Veritas France
  • approved by BV-MCA - Bureau Veritas Maritime Coastguard Agency Britain

  • One carton is the US Coast Guard recommended minimum 72-hour (3-day) survival supply for up to 10 people.
    For questions regarding the current batch date, please contact us.

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