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Water freezes - it's a fact!

Water freezes and if you live in an area that encounters weather and temperatues below freezing at the time of ordering products from us, especialy emergency drinking water in cans, pouches, or tetra containers, then please be advised that we (JJWTech, Inc. / will not be responsible for any damage that might happen to the shipment or any contents of the shipment as a result of water freezing in transit.
Please understand that shipments usually travel in unheated containers, trailers and vehicles and some shipments might be left at door steps of a residence in the final steps of delivery.

It is therefore your decision and risk to purchase water products and have them shipped at times when weather-related freezing could occur.

All of our products are shipped from California (Los Angeles area) where it is never below freezing, and that is why we offer all products year round. But we have no control over the weather during transit and at your location and it is up to you to decide whether there is a risk of a shipment getting damaged in trasit due to freezing temperatures or not.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, then please contact us prior to ordering so that we can assist you further.
Thank you for understanding.