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Drinking Water Safety

Emergency Drinking Water Safety

Drinking water is the most important supplies during and after a disaster, and it is most often also the most difficult item to come by. This section is designed to discuss water availability and water safety.

Remember, long term you need 1 gallon of water per person per day and people with special medical conditions might need even more than that.
At least half of that is needed for sanitary purposes, and half for consumption through drinking and food preparation.

Water Storage
What type of emergency drinking water should you store, how to store it and where?
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Boil Water for Safety
Sterilize water by boiling it. Find out how to do it right.
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Water Purification Tablets
Are water purification tablets really miracle pills?
Learn more about drinking water safety.
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Bleach in Drinking Water
When to use bleach in drinking water.
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