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Reasons to be prepared and get a 72 hour Survival Kit:

Why Prepare for Emergencies

Why do I need Emergency Kits and Supplies?

Unfortunately Emergency Preparedness is a topic most people prefer not to discuss and usually just push aside in hopes that nothing will ever happen.

But if we look back at the last few years, the number of severe natural and man made disasters have significantly increased on US soil and we are no longer as safe as we like to think.

Under normal circumstances everyday use products are readily available and people are taking it for granted. Many supply stores are open 24 hours a day and internet shopping allows online ordering with convenient delivery service.

As a result 72 hour Emergency and Disaster Preparedness is being neglected and most US residents are still living in a world of denial, leaving them dangerously unprepared for emergency and disaster situations.

That is why the US government and community leaders along with countless private organizations and companies like us are working hard to raise awareness among the public to prepare for disasters and emergencies.

US residents need to take emergency and disaster survival preparedness back into their own hands to ensure that they have enough supplies on hand to survive for at least 72 hours (3 days) without outside assistance.

While 72 hour Emergency Preparedness might not be the most exciting topic to discuss, it is the one topic that can save your life.

Take the first steps and be prepared.
1: get a 72 hour survival kit
2: make a plan; prepare lists with important data, information and people to contact.
3: check your home and office for potential hazards and talk to your family members and coworkers about 72 hour emergency preparedness.

Grab n Go
Grab N Go kits are a must have for anyone. Find out what type of kit you might need to be prepared.
72 Hour Kits
Get prepared with a 72 hour rated emergency kit for home, school, office, factory or car and travel.
Emergency Kits
Emergencies happen - be prepared!
Disaster Kits
prepare for disasters with a disaster kit
Earthquake Kits
Have your emergency supplies ready once the earth stops shaking. You might need to find your way out or have to assist others. Find out what you need to be safe.
Hurricane Kits
Have important emergency and disaster supplies on hand, get a hurricane kit.
Wild fire Kits
Be ready to go when wildfires force you to evacuate. Select a wild fire kit for home, car and office.
Tsunami Kits
Tsunamis are triggered by sudden movement of the ocean floor and can cause massive amounts of water to reach and flood shorelines.